One of the most obvious shortcomings of the M35-series trucks is the lack of power or power-assisted steering, sometimes referred to as "Armstrong Steering" for obvious reasons. Upgrades to remedy this haven't been exactly owner-friendly, as you have to do a tremendous amount of legwork to put the pieces and parts together, try to find an M35A3 to cannibalize the air-assist steering parts from, or pay a very hefty price tag for the few power assist kits on the market. Add to that the fact that there isn't much room for a belt-driven power steering pump on an M35-series truck, larger tires really make slow-speed steering difficult, plus there are so many variations of power steering pumps to choose from, and you've got quite a dilemma to overcome.

This is where Waterloo Specialties comes to the rescue! We have put together a custom power steering kit for your M35A2 2-1/2 ton truck. Best of all, you don't need specialized tools nor skills to install this power steering kit. It is intended to bring the joy back to driving your Deuce.

This kit uses a smaller size wheel than stock (18"), and the column can be mounted at an improved angle to provide more room for the driver.

Individual components are available separately by special order.

This kit is based on the International Truck version of the Saginaw 710 power steering box but they have become very hard to find.
The kit has been changed to use the GM metric version of the saginaw 710 box. This is exactly the same box with different mounting points.

If you drive your truck on a public road or highway with this steering conversion installed, you do so at your own risk. While we have successfully used this kit on 3 of our trucks for more than 25 years with no issues, there are factors beyond our control when you install this kit, so please understand that Waterloo Specialties assumes no risk nor liability once your purchased steering kit is shipped to you.

Price includes unlimited technical support. If you can remove the old steering box and drill holes in the frame, you can install this kit, which comes with everything you need.

For the GM metric Box

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18-inch diameter steering wheel

Steering column & mounts

Lower steering shaft

Power Steering hoses, lines, and fittings

Power Steering pump for Multi-Fuel engine

Frame reinforcement bracket
  (Also includes necessary nuts, bolts, washers)

Pitman arm

Drag link assembly

Power steering fluid reservoir

Rebuilt steering box

(All prices in US Dollars)
Steering wheel $164.97
Steering column & mounts/brackets $166.43
Lower steering Shaft $200.97
Power steering hoses, lines, and fittings $260.93
Power steering pump, with mount & gear $430.46
Frame reinforcement brackets $186.38
Pitman arm $288.88
Drag link assembly $216.97
Reservoir $138.44
Rebuilt box $600.00
Bolt Kit (with nuts & washers, where needed) $31.50
COMPLETE POWER STEERING KIT $2685.94 plus $180 shipping by UPS

Shipping is $180 and will be added when you check out with PayPal. In most cases I subsidize the shipping cost and if shipping is less than $180, such as in less than a complete kit, you will receive a refund on shipping after the sale is completed .
This kit is now supplied with the 710 GM Metric steering box.
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In stock and ready to ship. If you'd like to order individual items or custom quantities, please contact us directly. This kit can also be applied to M35A3, pump and line will differ.

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