One thing this truck never had was A/C!! This bracket kit mounts a Sanden 508 compressor on the Multifuel engine. One rear ear of compressor requires some material be removed, see instructions. Compressors are available new on Ebay for around $120. The voltage clutch you need depends on the rest of your A/C system. The belts included are special use and will stay tight and not slip where most others will, so even at close to $50 a set they are a needed part of this system.
This is just the mounting brackets and belts as shown. Condenser, compressor, evaporator, dryer and hoses are your job. This kit gives you a good start with a securely mounted and reliable compressor.

Click HERE to view or download instructions for the kit. This is a PDF file you can print.

Bracket set and belts

Front of mounting

Mounting from above

Reuse belt adjuster

Rear bracket

Condenser mounted on front of radiator
Price is $135 with $15 for UPS

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