There are going to be certain requirements and limitations to this much overdrive. Your truck will need to have enough power for the higher gear ratio. To accomplish this, you will need to install a pyrometer (exhaust temperature gauge) and turn the fuel up to max safe level of 1200°F pre-turbo which will make about 14 psi of boost. This will give you good performance and enough power to run at 65-67 mph.

This OD ratio is intended for trucks that are used mostly on nearly level roads, and with stock size tires. 9.00x20, 11.00x20, and 14.5R20 are considered to be stock sizes. Some hills and rolling terrain will be ok, but not anything over a 7% grade for any distance. Load on level roads mostly affects braking.

In addition you will want to have safe brakes and tires.

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This page last updated on 05-14-2012
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